The School Code - Tonia Inturrisi

The School Code

By Tonia Inturrisi

  • Release Date: 2014-03-24
  • Genre: Theater


The school code is an action packed gripping teen drama. Full of high school politics! Dealing with peer pressure, bullying and trying to make it on top of the social ladder at high school! Stacey Green is just fifteen when the book starts! She has a good group of close knit friends, gets along with her parents and teachers and gets teased by the poupular girls! Also introducing my other main characters. Shannon and Robert and Lain and Daniel. Who are the main characters too. Stacey needs to leave her home town and moves to the city. Where's she's swept into the popular crowd at the exclusive Girls Grammar and becomes rich, popular and good looking and has a reputation to match! This first book in the series introduces the school code and Stacey Green and the stars and unicorns an volunteers! The stars are the rich, beutiful heiresses that are tough and not to be messes with, the unicorns are the middle class public school girls that sure hate the stars! Are just as tough and popular and also the volunteers. The unpopular girls that are the teasing targets for the stars and the unicorns. The school code is truly a must read for any teenager and stay tuned for the sequals! Part 2 will be out soon.