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  • Recommend

    By etiennejude
    Will change your life like what happened to me.
  • Best book I’ve ever read

    By Wheezr
    It’s perfectly executed. That simple.
  • This book is a gift

    By Madsarajoy
    It breaks down what is needed to get a grip on life, not take yourself too seriously and feel a little more in control of your destiny. I especially like the focus on personal energy and the value of flexible scheduling. This book was written for me. Thank you Scott Adams (and my CEO who recommended I read this)
  • Simplicity > Whatever you're currently doing

    By emworral
    Somewhere in this book Scott has a line about his experience as a cartoonist being helpful to simplify complex scenarios. To me, that's the best explanation of this book. It's a simplified self-help book filled with practical insights and written with just enough story and humor to keep the pages turning. Im already changing a few habits as a result to increase my energy. Thanks Scott. Great work as always and good "luck" towards your next failure.
  • Excellent book!

    By Mersho
    This book must be read by everyone who is serious about success. I am voracious reader(I read a book or two) every two weeks but I have never read a book like this. This book changes my life! I also gave it to my friend as a gift and every time he sees me he can't stop thanking me for giving him life changing book!