Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Selected Themes from the Motion Picture - John Williams

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Selected Themes from the Motion Picture

By John Williams

  • Release Date: 2002-11-01
  • Genre: Music
Score: 3.5
From 393 Ratings


Featuring 16 pages of four-color movie photos and a pull-out souvenir poster, this movie selections folio is a tremendous value at $12.95! Titles are: The Chamber of Secrets * Dobby the House Elf * Family Portrait * Fawkes the Phoenix * Flying Car * Gilderoy Lockhart * Harry's Wondrous World * Hedwig's Theme * Moaning Myrtle * Nimbus 2000 * The Spiders.


  • Why rate so bad???

    By jamba👍🤖🍕
    I love Harry Potter and stop saying that it’s bad. ITS NOT stop being a holes about Harry Potter
  • Guys,listen to me 😒

    By Ruby223
    You guys really should’ve read the description below before buying the book. That would’ve saved you a lot of money. I give it to stars because it could be helpful, but also if you wanted the real book you should’ve read the description, sample,and the title. When you’re scrolling down to the reviews, it even shows you the first two pages! This is just proof that whenever you’re about to buy a book, you first need to read the description or look at the sample. I’m sorry if you did it and you accidentally wasted your money but it’s just a life lesson that apparently some of you needed to learn.
  • A message to the bad-reviewers

    By FlamingRiver27
    Okay, first off, this is NOT a book of the Harry Potter series, which is obvious- well, obvious if you can actually read. Secondly, it specifically states 'sheet music' on the book. Thirdly, it's your fault for not reading the description or name of the author. JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books, not this person. I'm really sorry if you wasted your money on this because you didn't read the description, but you should not be leaving bad reviews when really, you are just an illiterate quick buyer.
  • Great

    By sedamist
    I have seen a lot of ppl complaining that it's only music, well it says under the title 'music,books, etc.,' and I bet it's amazing music as the sensible person would see
  • Horrible

    By 124488998754
    This thing is a rip off I want my money back! I only put a star because I couldn't submit it otherwise
  • Awefull

    By PJ1199
    I wish it was the real book but no it had to have only the music and $11 seriously $11 this is stupid i dont want to read sheet music
  • Disappointed

    By Xomary23
    I am disappointed that this is not the real book, just music from the movie but I can not give it one star because it was my mistake. It says it in the title. Next time I will pay attention.
  • Awful

    By YuckG
    We want our money back! Awful! False advertising. My son thought he was downloading the book. Shame on you!!!
  • Horrible!!

    By Dvancejr
    This is a horrible book series
  • I love Harry Potters series but not this

    By Lynn;
    This book is a fake DO NOT BUY IT but buy the real book it's awesome and amazing And what do you want it says music sheet so ya start playing piano