The Castle - Skye Warren

The Castle

By Skye Warren

  • Release Date: 2017-04-04
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 441 Ratings


I’m safe in the ivory tower Gabriel Miller made for me. That’s what he says. Enemies lurk outside, waiting to strike. An army of enemies held back by these walls.

Except some animal instinct warns me the danger is much closer. It’s already here. Is Gabriel Miller my protector or my enemy? Is this house a castle or a cage?

There’s nowhere for me to go, no one left for me to trust. 

No escape from a past determined to capture its prize. 

Praise for the Endgame series:

“Sinfully sexy and darkly beautiful, The Pawn will play games with your heart and leave you craving more!” – Laura Kaye, New York Times bestselling author

“Edgy, provocative and deeply erotic, The Pawn is one of my top reads of the year! Skye Warren brings you a sensual battle of wills guaranteed to leave you gasping by the end.” – Elle Kennedy, New York Times bestselling author

“Positively sinful, and outrageously sexy! Emotions run high and readers will be left gasping.” – Lisa Renee Jones, New York Times bestselling author



  • End Game Trilogy

    By BreO0123
    Could not put these three books down. The characters have so many layers and emotionally touched me as each of the layers were revealed. This was the first time I’ve read Skye Warren, but it won’t be the last.
  • Wonderful

    By T1darryl
    Great story from beginning to end.

    By lmpanthermom
    So many secrets! So many twists and turns. The seediest underbelly of society. Could not put down the entire series. Devoured the entire set in a few days. One of the strongest heroines I have read. Avery is the epitome of strength and fragility. Gabriel proves he’s willing to do anything for her, even the one thing he never thought he could. Excellent writing. Excellent story. It will be hard to follow up this one.
  • Loved!!

    By am_marie
    I absolutely loved it!! Even more so than the first two! I couldn’t put it down! I’m not going to go into too much detail because I don’t want to give anything away in case you want to read it. Avery is stronger and stands up for herself more in this book. It was nice to see her grow! I loved the chemistry between Gabrielle & Avery and the way he took care of her. I couldn’t help but like him even more. So much happened in this book and so many revelations came out! Some things I could see coming but wow, there was a major bombshell!! I totally didn’t expect that to happen! I loved getting a glimpse at Penny and Damon! I cannot wait until their story comes out in The King!! This is one of the best dark romances I’ve read! It wasn’t too dark either! I’ve read some of those. Lol. Even though it is a romance book, if you like thrillers/mysteries, you might like it! It’s not a standalone so you definitely need to read the first two books first! Otherwise you won’t understand what’s going on. Lol. **ARC provided for honest review**
  • Excellent!!

    By Klipari
    This book was so freaking good!! Heart pounding from start to finish!!! The things Gabriel and Avery dealt with in this book were heartbreaking!! Loved the ending and can't wait for The King!!! I highly recommend this series/book to anyone looking for a sexy, hot page turner!!
  • Love this series

    By Cyallen36
    Skye Warren delivers a beautifully written, effed up love story. A woman is bought and paid for, by a criminal...and I want to be bought by a criminal now!!
  • LOVED IT!!

    By calmest loved
    Well I can honestly say I didn't see that coming!! Talk about an amazing ending to this series! Skye's writing as always is fabulous. Once you start one of her books, don't make plans because you will not be able to stop reading!! I honestly wasn't sure how this third book was going to play out. I had all these crazy ideas in my head.. but wow. Trust me, whatever you think is going to happen. It's not. I was SHOCKED! This book, heck this entire series was EVERYTHING! So dang hot! I mean seriously, where can I find me a Gabriel!? Also, these twist and turns? Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. Overall, I seriously loved these books so much. Especially this third one. Im not going to lie though. I'm sad it's over!! Definitely a must read!! 5+ stars!
  • A force to be reckoned with, Ms. Warren is undeniably a grandmaster...check and mate...

    By Kristie Koste
    The Castle By: Skye Warren 5 Star Review by Kristie K The rook represents the fact of watching, of observing our inner world. Much like the way ancient fortresses were built – strategic points in order to be able to observe everything. Formerly the piece was called the tower, marquess, rector, castle, and comes. Skye Warren concludes the story of Gabriel and Avery with the third installment of the Endgame series. Without skipping a beat, we are thrown right back into the twisted games of Tanglewood society, where the elite and powerful hide a sinister and deadly reality behind their wealth and opulence. Gabriel Miller and Avery St James continue to play a dangerous game, where truths unearthed become the deadliest move yet. If only the walls of the castle were strong enough to protect the queen from the deepest betrayal of them all… Ms. Warren did it this time, she truly killed me. Dead and buried. The Castle holds unexpected twists at every turn, painful betrayals, long-buried secrets, and unbelievable torment woven into a dark love story that will stay with me for a very long time. A magnificent and truly decadent torment, this journey brings you the brink of insanity and dares you to step off the ledge. The darkness within both Gabriel and Avery deepens, bringing with it a sensual pleasure as well as unbridled pain. I honestly have no words to describe the complete and utter devastation, profound love, loyalty, and healing that this book encompasses. Their dark passion is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depth and intensity these characters have within them. The story itself is like a serpent, winding its way through the forest, hunting its prey…only to strike while at its most vulnerable. Ms. Warren has delivered a true masterpiece with Avery and Gabriel’s story. A true work of art that I will not soon forget. She wields her words with the mastery of a linguist, the skill of a maestro, and the accuracy of a sniper. A force to be reckoned with, Ms. Warren is undeniably a grandmaster…Check and mate. Kristie K